Coupang Media Assets Brand Guidelines

Last Updated: January 5, 2022

These Brand Guidelines govern your access to and use of certain marks and logos available for download at Archive (each a “Media Asset” and together “Media Assets”) owned by Coupang, LLC or its affiliates (“Coupang”). By downloading, saving, viewing, or otherwise accessing these Media Assets, you agree to use the Media Assets only in accordance with these Guidelines.

  • Logo.   The recommended size of use for the logo is 280 px in width for a photo or video of 1920 px in width. If the Coupang logo is used on top of an image, always use the white logo.     

  • Alteration.   Do not alter the Media Assets in any manner (including, without limitation, color, type face, shadowing, gradient, proportion, and orientation). Do not resize the Media Asset in any way that negatively impacts its appearance or makes it otherwise difficult to see (i.e. pixilation). If you use a Media Asset, the Media Asset must appear in its entirety. 

  • Animation and Adornment.  Do not animate the Media Assets. Avoid the use of other imagery near the Media Assets that might appear to be modifying or adorning the asset, such as a text bubble or other icon. 

  • Spacing.   A Media Asset must appear with reasonable spacing between each side of the Media Asset and other visual, graphic, or textual elements. The empty space around the Media Asset should at least be equal to the height of the Media Asset. 

  • Background Colors and Imagery.  The Media Asset may not be placed on any background that interferes with the readability or display of the Media Asset. 

  • Use in Text Fields.   Do not use the Media Asset as a part of a sentence (e.g., “Certain products can only be found on [Media Asset].”). Do not incorporate the Media Asset into headlines or body copy. 

  • Use as Link.   Do not use the Media Asset as a hyperlink, navigation tool, menu option, or other means of redirecting users to our (or any other) website. 

  • No Commercial Relationship.  Do not use the Media Asset in any manner that implies sponsorship, endorsement, or any other commercial relationship by or with Coupang. Do not use the Media Asset with third party’s trademarks, logos, or other marks.

  • No Mimicry.   Do not copy or mimic any aspect of the Media Assets, including without limitation the color scheme, in your own materials. 

  • Non-disparagement.   The Media Assets must not be used in a manner that, in Coupang’s sole discretion, may diminish or otherwise damage Coupang or Coupang’s goodwill in the Media Assets or any other marks or logos. Do not use the Media Assets on any website that violates or endorses the violation of applicable law. 

  • Attribution.   You must include the following statement in and on any materials that display the Media Assets, whether hard copy or electronic: “Coupang’s trademarks are used under license from Coupang, LLC or its affiliates.” The statement may appear in legal notices or in terms of use displayed on a linked webpage.  

These Brand Guidelines are subject to change. Please ensure that your use of the Media Assets is in conformity with the most up-to-date version of the Brand Guidelines. Coupang hereby grants to you a freely revocable, nonexclusive, nontransferable, non-sublicensable, royalty-free license to use the Media Assets in print, online, and other commonly accepted forms of published media to indicate Coupang. You acknowledge that no other use of the Media Assets is permitted under this license, and you agree not to use the Media Assets except as expressly permitted herein. You acknowledge that the Media Assets and all rights therein and goodwill pertaining thereto belong exclusively to Coupang. You agree that you shall acquire no right, title or interest in the Media Assets as a result of your use of the Media Assets except the license expressly granted hereunder.