Facts regarding the allegations being made by the public transportation union and other groups

On April 22nd, various organizations, including the public transportation union, proactively spread false information about Coupang. Below, we’ve provided the facts for each allegation and ask that you refrain from citing any and all false information. Coupang will take strict action against any organization repeating false claims.

  • It is not true that Mr. A was bullied at work or that he was forced to write a fact-check report for union activities. When several safety violations occur, as was the case with Mr. A, Coupang’s safety policy requires workers to document and submit a written account of their safety violations. [See Fact Check]
  • The claim that Mr. A was kicked out into the cold winter is also not true. Mr. A’s job at the time was to facilitate the safe driving of large trucks, but he left his workplace and failed to fulfill his job duties. In logistics centers, where large trucks enter and exit frequently, it is essential that signal guards stay at their job posts to prevent casualties from occuring.
  • Sexual harassment claims occurred between employees of subcontractors, not Coupang. Coupang never received any reports related to these claims as the involvement of the original contractor (Coupang) in the personnel and labor of subcontractors is prohibited by the Dispatch Act. Nevertheless, the Union is mispresenting the facts as if the claim lodged to the victim’s company was lodged to Coupang, and Coupang ignored it even after receiving it. [See related laws]
  • Coupang operates an ethics center for sexual harassment, workplace harassment, etc., and thoroughly investigates the reported cases and, depending on the confirmed facts, submits the case to the HR committee who enforces a “zero tolerance” policy.

[Reference] Mr. A’s case of factual confirmation

[Reference] Related Acts: Articles 43(2), 45, etc. of the Dispatch Act (Dispatch Act)